Dragon Boat Festival Potluck: June 7th at Park Clubhouse

Dear neighbors,

We live in this mobilehome park as a big family. There are many great neighbors whom have volunteered their time with enthusiasm for the welfare and quality life for each of us in the past 6 years.

You are invited to participate the Dragon Boat Festival potluck on June 7th, 5 pm, in the Park Clubhouse. We will celebrate the efforts of everyone and have a big family party together.





邀请高邻,端午节 6月7日下午5点,在办公室旁俱乐部大家庭团聚,祛瘟辟邪  纪念先贤。愿和美大家庭,共享幸福荣光!


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There is no other way. Only by becoming united, we can have a say on the quality of life we want to have.