We are Advocates for Manufactured-Home Residents

What We Do.

We are advocates for mobilehome residents, started out in Rowland Heights, CA. United we We fight against retaliation from Manufactured-home community management and owners. 

From Where It Started

We started from within our homes

The MRA1441 began in a family mobilehome. The founders, a family of five, faced retaliation from the management of RHME, a Mobilehome park with a Chinese majority in Rowland Heights. We found evidence of retaliation against many of the Chinese and elderly residents. Together, we united together under an association to fight against this oppression and retaliation. 

Our Mission

The MRA1441, originally started by serving the residents of Rowland Heights Mobile Estates, located at 1441 Paso Real Ave., Rowland Heights, CA, is a residents’ association created to unite residents for a better living. 


We are here to protect residents from the high rents imposed by park owners, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of residents. 

We represent the interests of residents to park owners and managements, related government agencies, court of law, and/or any parties that can help resolve the issues residents facing. 

We organize and motivate residents, to provide variety of service and convenience to neighbors, building a family-like harmonious community.